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Shefqet Avdush Emini exposeert en geeft masterclass in Amsterdam.

Ik was zeer vereerd toen ik werd uitgenodigd door Shefqet op zijn atelier in Arnhem. Het is een bijzondere middag geworden. Zijn schilderijen hebben een zeer hoge intensiteit, alsof je luistert naar Gustaf Mahler. Zijn stijl is expressief, abstract en figuratief. De energie en de kleuren spatten van het doek af.

Zondag 10 maart tot 6 mei exposeert hij zijn werk bij Atelier Oosterbosch. open vr. za. zo 12 - 16 uur.

Masterclass op donderdag 22 maart, dinsdag 17 april en vrijdag 4 mei van 10 - 16 uur. daarna glaasje wijn tot 16.30

Deelnemers 8 - 10 personen.

Incl. koffie, thee ies lekkers en lunch.

Excl materiaal.

Kosten 100 euro pp.

Amsterdam, November 2011, Ina Eskes MA of Art history

Shefqet Avdush Emini
Shefqet Avdush Emini, an international recognized artist, is born in Davidovc in Kosovo on 2 June 1957. He studied Visual Arts as a young man at the Art Academy in Pristina (Kosovo) and worked, after finishing his education, as an artist and art teacher in several towns in Kosovo. Since two decennia, when war broke out in Kosovo, Shefqet Avdush Emini is living in the Netherlands, together with his family. As an artist and art teacher he is able to live and work all over the world, though he always will be connected with his roots to Kosovo. In several works of his hand you will be able to discover these roots and his mixed feelings of living abroad. Shefqet Avdush Emini is an academically educated artist who developed his own style, his own 'signature', which made him famous. The list of exhibitions of his artworks in museums and art galleries worldwide is long. Besides, he is regular invited to join art symposia where local and international artist do come together to create art and get inspired. Shefqet is also connected to the Filarski Academy, a private Academy in The Netherlands founded by the artist Marian Filarski, as a teacher for master classes in painting.
In 2011 Shefqet Avdush Emini has been asked to
present his artworks (paintings and sculptures) in two separate
solo-exhibitions in the Netherlands, the first one took place in Amsterdam, the
second one in Den Hague. These two exhibitions will be presented in this
Exhibition paintings
and sculptures at gallery Diversity & Art, Amsterdam

2 September 2011- 1 October 2011
Gallery Diversity & Art, an intimate gallery
located in the old heart of Amsterdam, is founded by Liesbeth Schreve-Brinkman,
after a meeting with AIDA the Netherlands, an organization which does advise
artists after they did leave or escape their countries for reasons like war,
politic, or censure. Diversity & Art gives these artists an exhibition
platform. The selection of artists takes place in cooperating with AIDA the
Netherlands. Diversity & Art gives excess to all kind of genres of artists
with their own cultural background. The mission of Art & Diversity is to
show and share these artworks to public, to increase our idea of art in
cultural diversity.
From the 2nd of September till the 1ste of
October paintings and sculptures made of baked bronze varnish clay of Shefqet
Avdush Emini have been presented for public. This exhibition was officially
opened by René Mendel, director of Interact; a Film Production Company for
television and multimedia. As a filmmaker of a television program of
'portraits' of artists René Mendel pointed out the influence of the public
opinion by media, and how appreciation for artists can be achieved. Art itself
can influence a person as well of course, at several levels. Diversity & Art wants to make visual,
mental and social contact possible between artist, art and public, to achieve a
better intercultural understanding of art. Shefqet' artwork is about people.
You can ask yourself for example: who are these people? Are they friends, family, anomies, or
memories of people of the past, of Kosovo? And what is going on in their minds?
Photo: opening exhibition Diversity & Art, Amsterdam, September 2011.
Solo-exhibition in
the Atrium of the city hall of Den Hague, organized by the embassy of Kosovo in
Den Hague
Photo: opening exhibition in the Atrium, city hall of
Den Hague, November 2011. On the right hand side: Shefqet Avdush Emini, in the
middle: Mr. Ehsan, manager international sales Ikea the Netherlands, on the
left hand side: Shefqet'daughter.
Photo: opening exhibition in the Atrium, city hall Den
Hague, November 2011.

His Art
Shefqet Avdush Emini is an all-round artist who
creates baked bronze varnish clay sculptures, drawings and last but not least
paintings. In both exhibitions there have been presented several paintings of
his hand. Having a look at these paintings means to make a mental journey on
many levels. His style of painting, the compositions he makes, the way he is
using colors in combination with his compositions, the way is using paint
itself as a material (oil on canvas, acryl on canvas), and the stories he want
to tell. His painted portraits and figures do often not have titles, which mean
that Shefqet gives you a change to make up your own thoughts and feelings. It
also gives you an opportunity to travel away in time or place. Sometimes his
work might remind you to one of the famous girls of the Dutch master Vermeer,
to Mozart, to people in pain, or grieve, people coming from Kosovo, coming from
wherever? All kind of moods do come
along your eyes and thoughts. His paintings are multi-interpretable. Like they
want to tell you something about the past and the present. Besides this you can
notice Shefqet' energy while painting, using his paintbrush as a medium for his
own inner world. He is a painter with flair, which can be interpreted as
(abstract) expressionism, and gives in combination with his classical touch a
very interesting and lively result. You can also notice Shefqet' knowledge of
the Dutch masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer, Van Gogh and the Cobra group, like
Corneille for example. In Shefqet 'art is a colorful world of people, roots,
moods, tradition, and life coming together.
Untitled: oil on canvas, 40 x 50. 2007
Untitled: oil on canvas, 54 x 54. 2010
Acryl on canvas: 100 x 150. 2011

Titel: 01.z.t 60 cm 50 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 02.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 02.z.t 60 cm 50 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 04.z.t 60 cm 50 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 05.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 06.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 07.z.t
50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 08.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 09.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 10.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 11.z.t 60 cm 50 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 12.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 13.z.t 60 cm 50 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 14.z.t 60 cm 50 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 15.z.t 60 cm 50 cm
oil on paneel

Titel: 16.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 17.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 18.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 19.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 20.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 21.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 22.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 23.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 24.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 25.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 26.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 27.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 28.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 29.z.t 50 cm 40 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 30.z.t 140 cm 100 cm
oil on canvas

Titel: 31.z.t 140 cm 100 cm
oil on canvas

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Atelier Filarski organiseert regelmatig Masterclasses. Masters zijn kunstenaars die al heel lang met een eigen manier van werken bezig zijn. Zij geven in de Masterclasses hun geheimen door aan de deelnemers, zowel qua gebruik van materialen als technieken. RAINIER BOIDIN was de eerste Master en komt nog terug. Dit jaar 2012 zijn SHEFQET TAVDUSH  EMINI, HANS INNEMEE en ADA BREEDVELD uitgenodigd voor boeiende en interessante lessen. De groepen zijn klein 8-10 mensen, dus vroegtijdig boeken is essentieel.
SHEFQE TAVDUSH EMINI - 15 april, expressief schilderen ADA BREEDVELD - 20 mei, lady, lady HANS INNEMEE - 30 september, de essentie van het kunstwerk HANS INNEMEE - 11 november, monografiek
Heb je behoefte aan het ontwikkelen van je kunst, dan ben je wellicht op de goede plaats bij de ACADEMIE FILARSKI. Er zijn nog maar 3 plaatsen vrij voor seizoen 2012-2013. Zie voor uitgebreide informatie www.filarskiacademie.nl


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